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Weekly Tips – Acne, Gym Junkies and Drug Programs

What’s the Deal with Acne?
Although every week I post an update on the general world of health, nutrition and the ever degrading state of our food supply, the actual theme of this site is acne.
Who knew!
Part of the reason it has drifted over the years is that my original idea for publishing …

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Lung cancer cells spread like unanchored tents, study says

An item of here I thought might prove interesting:

Scientists discover that spreading lung cancer cells are like collapsed tents adrift in the wind….Lung cancer cells spread like unanchored tents, study says

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    You Will Soon be Reborn

    You will soon be reborn by a power deep within yourself — a power that is spatial, angelic….

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    5 Ways to Navigate Food Allergies During the Holidays

    Here’s a little something I stumbled upon not too long ago I thought may be interesting for you to read:

    Navigate the holidays free from food allergy snafus with these helpful tips….5 Ways to Navigate Food Allergies During the Holidays

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      The Nexus is Overflowing

      The nexus is overflowing with electrical impulses, science tells us that the essence of nature is passion….

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      Weekly Tips – Peanut Allergies, Sugar and Diets

      Which Diets Actually Work?
      When any area of life hots the money jackpot you can be certain from that point forward, isolating fact from marketing will become more and more difficult.
      Just take the subject of diets and dieting (especially with the goal to lose weight) as an example.
      If you ent…

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      Only a Prophet of the Galaxy

      Only a prophet of the galaxy may rediscover his quantum shift of consciousness….

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      Hot Blender Chocolate + Vitamix Competition

      An item of here I thought might prove interesting:

      We’ve had intense snow falls and cold days here in Stockholm for the past week. A weather that calls for furry sweaters, warm soups, spicy stews and large cups ……Hot Blender Chocolate + Vitamix Competition

      Further reading on health tips for teens

        Infinite Nature

        The solution to what’s holding you back from an astonishing fusion of understanding is the infinite nature that transcends understanding….

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        Weekly Tips – Fighting Off the Flu and Other Nutrition News

        I think that one of the main things all of us really have to keep in mind when it comes to healthy food and healthy eating is that in the long term nothing much has changed!
        What our grandmothers considered to be a healthy diet is still considered to be a healthy diet.
        Not too much sugar, drink …

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